The objective of this book is to encourage the reader to get to know what we call "common" birds which, surprisingly, are not always that well known.

Although aimed at children of between six and twelve years of age, this book has been written in an informative, yet easy-flowing manner that appeals to children and adults alike. It endeavours to educate without adopting the approach of an encyclopedia.

Ten individual birds of various species are considered, providing detail about appearance, habitat, song, feeding, mating, nesting and offspring.

Beautiful watercolours illustrate each text. These paintings have been created following careful examination of numerous photographs. The paintings accurately reflect the appearance of each bird in their natural habitat and on occasion, with their mate, specifically when the colouring and plumage differs significantly. The detail in each painting provides the opportunity for learning consolidation and further discussion, potentially enabling their use in a classroom environment.

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Released 25 February 2011.


Who can resist the playful antics of a small kitten? Certainly not our little children who take every opportunity to caress them or tug on their tails.

This book, illustrated with beautiful watercolour paintings, has been created for children of three to six years of age. Each image relates an activity in the life of a kitten, a life that is so good!

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Released 30 May 2011.

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