My name is Véronique Cole, I am French and live in the Brittany region of France with my English husband.

I studied art in Paris in my youth and have always enjoyed creativity. My initial experience was with oil and acrylic based paints and in more recent times I have also applied myself to watercolour. The projects featured on this site are of Birds and Kittens, all created in watercolour.

Given that I prefer detail, working with watercolour has been a challenge, requiring that I use very little water in order to control the paint and am able to achieve the desired result.

Several of my watercolour Bird paintings now feature in a book for children entitled "Do you know your Birds?" Further details are available on the page Books for Children or in the Book Store.

I have also had the pleasure of seeing my paintings of kittens reproduced in another book entitled "So good to be a kitten!"

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